REDIRECT! My Neighbour Totoro Movie- Parts 1 and 2 Reaction

REDIRECT! My Neighbour Totoro Movie- Parts 1 and 2 Reaction

MEI MEETS TOTORO AND SATSUKI TAKES THE MAGICAL CAT BUS TO FIND MEI! This is another great Studio Ghibli film with a beautiful soundtrack. Satsuki and her younger sister Mei visit their new house with their father which they consider to be wrecked but they still excitedly enter it. They end up finding small, black dust balls lurking in certain areas but their father doesn’t quite believe them but refers to them as dustbunnies. So Satsuki and Mei visit the rest of the house including the attic but find a huge swarm of dustbunnies escaping but Mei manages to catch one of them. However, when she tries to show her father and the nanny that they meet, it turns into a pile of dust on the ground. The nanny says that they saw the dustbunnies like she has over the years but they will be escaping now that the house will be occupied as they only like living in empty houses. Later, Satsuki and Mei wander about outside the house and Mei ends up finding two small Totoros like the ones in her picture book so she chases after them excitedly but the small Totoros get scared and run as fast as they can. They hide under a little hole and when Mei is not looking, the small Totoros manage to escape and return to the big forest they came from. Mei sees the huge tree and follows it to find the Totoros, she ends up coming across a small hole passageway which she enters and finds a giant Totoro sleeping. Mei is fascinated by these Totoros and tries to wake up the giant Totoro that she climbs on. The giant Totoro wakes up and Mei ends up falling asleep on it. However, when she wakes up, Satsuki who has been looking for her, finds her in the middle of the forest and Mei says she found a giant Totoro nearby but Satsuki and her father don’t believe her.

Later, Satsuki and Mei visit their mother at the hospital because she’s been feeling really ill and return. One day, their father doesn’t return home on time from work so Satsuki and Mei get really worried and decide to wait at the bus stop in the pouring rain. They wait for what seems hours and then the giant Totoro shows up which Satsuki meets for the first time. Satsuki gives him her friend’s umbrella to use as it’s raining and Totoro is fascinated with it and uses it like an ordinary human and gives Satsuki some magical beans. Then, a magical Cat Bus arrives shocking Satsuki and Mei which takes Totoro away like as if it’s his own personal transport. Eventually, their father arrives at the bus stop saying he missed the first bus which is why he’s late. In what seems a dream, in the middle of the night, Satsuki and Mei find the Totoros walking around the magical beans they planted on the ground so they walk with them and find that when they reach high, the beans sprout into giant trees creating one big giant tree outside their house but when the girls wake up, they find that there is no giant tree outside. Suddenly, Satsuki is given a Telegram informing her that something bad happened to her mother which makes her panic as she must inform her father immediately about it and also, see her at the hospital. So Satsuki tells her father through the phone whilst Mei gets lost in the forest carrying a corn to give to her mother. After phoning her father, Satsuki notices that Mei has gone missing so she searches the whole area in a panic as it’s the middle of the night and Mei is only four years old. Satsuki cannot find Mei anywhere so she tries to find the giant Totoro for help. The giant Totoro lends her his Cat Bus to find Mei which instantly makes her find Mei who tags along so that they can go to the hospital together. However, it was all a misunderstanding, their mother is perfectly fine at the hospital and will be released in a few days so they watch her outside the hospital window and Mei gives her the corn. At the end, the mother returns home. What a cute, family story.

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