OW Reviews! | Yuru Camp △

OW Reviews! | Yuru Camp △

From that very incident to actual camping, let’s review Yuru Camp, as part of OW’s first-year anniversary month. BANZAI!
OW_RATING: 2 (PARENTAL GUIDANCE) (Contains Profanity)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OtakuWeebster
YouTube: Subzscribe
Discord: Nah…I’m good for now..
Background Music by Kevin MacLeod (Not in order)
– Crinoline Dreams
– Fireflies and Stardust
– BossaBossa

Yuru Camp is produced by these people: AT-X, Sony Music Communications, MAGES., 81 Produce, BS11, Furyu, and Crunchyroll SC Anime Fund.

Ending song: “Furu Biyori (ふゆびより)” by Eri Sasaki

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