MORTALS & GODS! – Princess Mononoke Official Trailer REACTION!

MORTALS & GODS! – Princess Mononoke Official Trailer REACTION!

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Outro created by myself 🙂
outro song is by “thefatrat” and it is called “Monody” and you can listen to it here:…
Hope you enjoy guys!! And as always stay Geeky, Stay cool, bee Awesome and bee Happy!

LIST OF LEGENDS!! ($25 or above)
-Payto Mogged
-Michael Lanier
-Spencer Drake Joseph Putnam
-Steen Der Stenen
-Miguel Camarillo
-Abdalla Mansour-
-KGWE Lenox
-Cameron Vigil
-Ethan Quinton
-Karl Lhuissier
-Fin Lorenzen
-Zach Florez
-Jaret Mundis
-Brent Wyant
-Hunter Thoma
-Nicholas Martin Burk
-Marcus Ruijters

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