Hikari, Happy (Revue Starlight AMV)

Hikari, Happy (Revue Starlight AMV)

Okay, I finally got around to finishing up my edit, after starting it four months ago. I wanted to elevate Hikari’s arc from the show, which I felt didn’t leave enough of an emotional impact, but I’m not sure I was successful on that front. I also made this because there’s a serious dearth of Revue Starlight AMVs with good music sync and an atmosphere consistent with the material, which is surprising for such a musical show.

Anyway, I haven’t edited an AMV in literal years, and apparently Windows Movie Maker is dead now?? I don’t have the skill to make fancy edits or anything, but I hope you’ll enjoy watching it.

Revue Starlight aired in the Summer 2018 season, animated by Kinema Citrus. It has been licensed by Sentai Filmworks in the U.S., and you can stream it on HiDive.com or VRV.co in English sub and dub.

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