Every Ashita no Joe Reference in Megalo Box

Every Ashita no Joe Reference in Megalo Box

A feature length film lmao

Going episode by episode pointing out every Ashita no Joe reference in Megalo Box, while also detailing what made Megalo Box special on it’s own!

Here’s a time stamp if you want to consume this in bites:

Episode 1: 1:45
Episode 2: 10:15
Episode 3: 19:09
Episode 4: 25:07
Episode 5: 30:57
Episode 6: 34:49
Episode 7: 40:00
Episode 8: 44:47
Episode 9: 51:24
Episode 10: 1:00:14
Episode 11: 1:10:00
Episode 12: 1:15:07
Episode 13: 1:23:45
Final Thoughts (TL;DW): 1:39:29

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Video used:
Megalo Box
Ashita no Joe
Ashita no Joe 2

Audio used:
Megalo Box OST
Ashita no Joe OST
Ashita no Joe 2 OST

I don’t exactly know how effective saying it here will be, but this is for entertainment and education. I don’t own any of the video or music shown, all of it is credited to it’s respective owners, with much love and appreciation.

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