[adult swim] Neon Genesis Evangelion – Premiere Promo (Remastered) [1080p] v2

[adult swim] Neon Genesis Evangelion – Premiere Promo (Remastered) [1080p] v2

This is my remaster of the Neon Genesis Evangelion Premiere Promo. The clips used for this promo are from the Neon Genesis Evangelion Blu-ray Box. Unfortunately, the blu-ray box didn’t correct for the “lost” episode, episode 16. So that remains an upscale. Other than that, I believe the video looks good. The blu-ray transfer for this series turned out really well, so you’ll be able to tell difference in quality immediately. All feedback is welcome.

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Song: Molecularis
Artist: Nicholas Thomas Emmanuel Amour & Andrew Phillip Carroll
Album: Chaos

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