10,000 BC Trailer – Princess Mononoke Style!

10,000 BC Trailer – Princess Mononoke Style!


I just got into anime movies and I loved Princess Mononoke, an anime movie directed by Hayao Miyazaki. The idea to cut the movie with the 10,000 BC trailer came to me whene I saw 10,000 BC the other day. I noticed how both movies were almose alike in setiing and action sequences.

Sixth re-cut trailer on my old YouTube account “mpkio2”

Some of the clips are abit messed up so I’m sorry about that. The quality of the vid is not really good. I made the trailer on Windows Movie Maker 2.1 but each time I tried to save the movie file, a error pops up. I discovered a way to save the file using a special software but it came out choppy. If anyone knows how to fix the problem, I would appreiciate if u could PM me. The quality should be much better as I recorded in widescreen and HD! 🙂
Sorry, about the quality! 🙁

Clips used from:
Princess Mononoke (Anime, 1997)

Audio from:
10,000 BC Trailer

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Copyright:I made this trailer myself. Clips from Princess Mononoke Copyright (c) Studio Gihibi and audio from 10,000 BC Trailer Copyright (c) Warner Bros.

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